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GoldAion private game server

Are you bored from extremely lot of game bugs and endless promises of administration to fix them all? Or maybe from one-day servers, that promise the moon?
Join us and forget all about this!

You still never play Aion on private server of this quality and will be pleasantly surprised from our game platform!

We are worked hard and restore every little game thing. Level to level, you will see that any other private servers goes a long way.

Here you can find that absolutely all game things are ideal perfect! Skills, dungeons, quests, raid bosses and all others works just 100% like an official game server! And don't forget about Geodata - no any other private server can provide quality of level that we did. Only here, you can enjoy Athrea world without things as dropping down to underground or running to sky mobs.


Character classes


Maximal level


Awesome dungeon

Server is open:


Game version

We starts from one of most stable and balanced aion versions - Aion 4.6: Legacy of the Phoenix


Our rates is x2 - You can get all of game feautures twice as faster!

Game shop

No any items that can change or broke game balance


One of best quanlity of server configuration. You can forget about any server perfomance issues.


Full official-like game content balance. No any OP classes.


Physicaly, our servers deployed in west europe region. Optimal solution for multiregional game server.


Forget about brainless game actors. Our npcs and mobs are not walking thru walls and not run by air


Properly skill functionality - was our first target. ANY game skill of ANY game class or creature works at 100% like official game server.


Most compicated thing for all private game servers, but not ours. You can forget about teleportation to textures issues!


1300  +

players are already enjoying the game

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