To play on our server, you must have Aion 4.6 client.

We are strongly recomend you to download our client!
  • Download our Launcher.
  • Run it and select the folder to load the game or folder with the client 4.6 that already on your computer.
  • Click the button "Check" in the launcher and wait for the check/download to finish.
  • After that you can select the desired language (Russian or English) and click "Play".
  • The launcher will use your chosen language and launch the game!

An alternative way to load/check a client:

  • Download torrent file!
  • Open downloaded torrent file by mouse double click (If nothing happen - you no have any torrent client. You can download it from here (Utorrent).)
  • Inside opened window, select folder to download the game and press ok button.
  • After download complete, open game folder. There you can open GoldAionRu.exe and start game!


If you have any download or game run issues. First of all, download and install this components: If problem not soved after that, please, create a forum thread right here and we help you as fast as we can!