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GoldAion private game server

Are you fed up with that extreme number of game bugs and endless promises from administration to fix them all? Or maybe with one-day servers, that promise you the pie in the sky?
Join us and forget about all of this!

You have never played on Aion private server of such quality and you will be pleasantly surprised at our game platform and everything that creates comfortable conditions for playing!

We’ve worked through every minor detail. Level by level, you will see that any other private servers are just not able to keep up with this quality.

Everything is absolutely perfect, either way you look at it! Skills, dungeons, quests, raid bosses and everything else functions ideally, and as good as on any official game server! And special word should be said about Geodata - no other private server can provide such quality as we did. Only here, you can enjoy Athrea world without any discomfort as falling underground or mobs running into the sky.


Character classes


Maximal level


Awesome dungeons

On-going evens and offers!

Бонусы новым игрокам
Easy start!

Get different game items for leveling up! As well as starting armor and weapon! Read more information in the special topic on our forum.

Until - 24.12.2018

Подарки вернувшимся игрокам
Gifts for returned players

Daeva, haven't been to Atreia for some time? So many things have changed while you weren't here! Come back to the setver and get valuable rewards to return to the ranks faster!

Until - 24.12.2018

Турнир за звание сильнейшего игрока
Gifts for veterans of the server

Playing from the opening? We sincerely appereciate it! Get rewards for your loyalty and belief in our strength!

Until - 24.12.2018

Снежинка на удачу
Lucky Snowball!

Citizens of Atreia, winter has come! Participate in the new event "Lucky Snowball"! Get event items for staying online, completing quests and clearing fome of the gungeons.

Until - 24.12.2018

Ивент Встретимся в Оке
Game event "See You in Tiamaranta's Eye!"

Get the best composite manastones and enchantment stones as an additional reward in the chests and for killing bosses in Tiamaranta's Eye!

Until - 16.12.2018

Волшебные камни за данжи
Enchantment stones for dungeons!

This is a limited offer for the players of low and middle levels! For killing bosses in the main dungeons an additional reward presented by enchantment stones for your gear is guaranteed!

Until - 16.12.2018

Game version

We start from one of the most stable and balanced versions - Aion 4.6: Legacy of the Phoenix

Server rates

Our rates are x2 - you can get everything twice as faster!

Game shop

No items that can change or break game balance.


Optimized game platform provides perfect response - you won't meet any troubles while using skills or any other game option.


Full official-like game content balance. No OP classes.


Physicaly, our servers deployed in West Europe. Optimal solution for multiregional game server.


Forget about brainless game actors. Our npcs don’t walk through the walls and don’t run into the air


Proper skill functionality was our first target. ANY game skill of ANY game class or creature works just like on an official server!


Most complicated thing for all private game servers, but not for ours. You can forget about teleportation-to-the-textures issues!

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