Come back to the server and valuable rewards!

  • Potions and amulets for faster leveling up
  • Veteran Mark (15 days)
  • Eternal Dynatum Weapons Chest
  • Eternal Dynatum Armour Chest
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Are you with us from the very opening of the server? Get your gifts!

  • One month of full premium account
  • [Title Card] Aion's Chosen (30 days)
  • Administrator's Boon IV (30 days)
  • Ruddytail Heorn (30 days)
  • Prestige Badge (30 days)
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Start playing right now and get valuable rewards!

  • One weeks of full premium account
  • Kaisinel/Marchutan Blessed Weapon
  • Dazzling Daevanion Box
  • Many other bonuses for leveling up
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